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Jeff, I Want In!

I’m Ready to Sidestep the Market’s Permanent Flaw and Take Back My Profits

Dear Jeff,

This Newsmax Investment Crisis Summit was a stunning revelation.

It’s amazing to think that that most active fund managers will underperform the stock market and their index over time, costing me an absolute fortune in the process.

Not to mention the eye-popping fact that Wall Street money managers can easily siphon off up to 70% of my investment profits through their outrageous fees.

Frankly, I’m no longer willing to stand by and put up with chronic underperformance.

It has already cost me valuable time I can never get back. Time I could spend doing what I want instead of working harder and longer to replace that lost cash.

The bottom line is this . . . I want in!

I’ve seen what the Alpha 15 Portfolio is capable of — including the stellar back-test results from the professor at Duke University.

It’s clear that John’s system could help me avoid the “permanent flaw” in the markets and take back the profits I deserve.

Profits like the 424% from John’s system while the S&P languished with a relatively paltry 63% gain.

That’s enough to turn every $10,000 I invest into $52,400 instead of $10,000 invested in the market handing me a measly $16,300.

Again, it’s lost time and lost money!

Plus by using the Alpha 15 Portfolio I could be grabbing all these gains with less risk!

And to think that you’ll be giving me a 48-hour head start before you put your $1,000,000 bank roll into the exact same investments I’ll be making — I know you and John will be with me every step of the way.

The point is, I can feel a sense of security and confidence rising up, while any lingering fear about handling my own investments is wiped away.

But, in order for me to take advantage of this,
I know I need to act now.

I need to be one of the first 1,000 viewers to respond to this special VIP offer — an offer strictly available for attendees of the Newsmax Investment Crisis Summit only.

It’s one offer I would be absolutely remiss if I didn’t grab with both hands.

That’s because . . . this special offer today gives me every stock pick and every buy and sell signal directly from John’s Alpha 15 system!

And it is only available if I choose to accept this VIP invitation to subscribe to the Alpha 15 Portfolio investment service now, before this offer expires.

So count me in as one of the first 1,000 viewers to claim a subscription to the Alpha 15 Portfolio investment service today.

And as a member of Alpha 15 Portfolio investment service, I can expect to receive . . .

  • Trade Alerts. When it’s time to invest, I will get a TRADE ALERT directly from you via email. This way I can immediately get every buy and sell signal so I can take action and grab market-beating profits. Plus I will get every trade alert 48 hours in advance of any move you make. In my Trade Alert you will tell me what to buy, at what price to buy, and how long I can expect to hold the position. You will also tell me when it is time to sell by sending me another email telling me exactly what to do. All I have to do is make the final call by going online to make the trade or reaching out to my broker. I can expect to get around six to eight trades every quarter — or about two or three trades per month. All in all it should only take me about 15-30 minutes to execute the trades.
  • Weekly Updates. In between the Trade Alerts, I will receive weekly updates where you will show me EXACTLY how John is lining up the trade . . . and how I can make money on it right away. You’ll be like a coach at my side, telling me how to stay in the game for maximum gains — no matter how fierce this investment crisis becomes.
  • Investing 101 Guide. Regardless of my experience in the markets I will get a free copy of the Investing 101 Guide. It’s an easy-to-read book that explains in simple terms how I can get started investing in the market. It literally tells me what a stock is, how to open an account, how to place a trade . . . and so much more! And even though I may have a bit more experience investing in the markets, I can still share this Investing 101 Guide with someone I care about and would like to bring up the investing ranks.
  • 24/7 Access to the Encrypted Website. I will also receive instant access to the encrypted website. This website will host every weekly update, every trade alert, and all the other materials I could ever need to stay on track and keep raking in the gains with the Alpha 15 Portfolio.
  • Customer Service Support. Additionally, I will get robust customer service support under my own dedicated order ID and account number that gives me priority access to the Alpha 15 Portfolio customer service team. This team has more than 50 trained customer service representatives who are ready to assist me by phone, email, and fax.

Now Jeff, I understand that John already oversees more than $1 billion for his institutional and corporate clients — clients who would pay $5,000 . . . $10,000 . . . or more just to take a meeting with him as he advises them on their fund manager selection, monitoring, and rotation.

But the great news here is that the Alpha 15 Portfolio investment service has been specifically designed for individual investors.

It’s a way for you and your team to take an active approach in getting this revolutionary system out to as many people as possible, helping them to avoid the permanent flaw in the financial market and maximize their profits.

And while you would be perfectly justified in charging $5,000 a year or more for this type of investment service —  I am banking on the fact that you want to help as many people as you possibly can.

So I am sure I will only have to pay a tiny fraction of this price today!

Best of all, I can make completely certain that this is the right opportunity for me, as my VIP subscription to the Alpha 15 Portfolio investment service is . . .

100% Risk Free

Sales tax included where applicable. If at any time during the next 90 days, for any reason at all, I decide that John’s Alpha 15 Portfolio system isn’t for me, all I have to do is simply call, email, write, or fax you, and I will receive a complete and total refund . . . no questions asked. Even after 90 days, I can get a pro-rated refund on any unused portion of my subscription.

The great part about this risk-free guarantee is that I have more than enough time to make a few trades and start seeing the market-beating profits build up in my own account.

Profits I can keep even if I decide to cancel my subscription.

The bottom line is that I have no risk in giving the Alpha 15 Portfolio a test‑drive for the next 90 days.

But I can’t wait any longer . . .

This Offer Is Only Available for the First 1,000 Newsmax Investment Crisis Summit Attendees Who Respond Today!
So don’t delay.

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