How It All Started (Part I)

After seeing the back-tested results of John’s Alpha 15 Portfolio (where his returns beat the stock markets by 700%), I decided to head up to New York City to meet with him.

As a trained journalist, I brought along a cameraman to record everything.

We had breakfast and then sat down at Bryant Park to discuss a few things, such as . . .

  • What drove John to put this system together?
  • What he saw that others missed?
  • And how he found the “permanent flaw” in the financial system?

Less than two minutes each, these videos will give you a birds-eye view on how everything got started.

And in tomorrow’s post for your VIP Primer Series, I will have “Part II” of these exclusive meetings from New York City.

Video 1: The “Kernel” That Started It All

Video 2: Even Good Managers Get Fired

Video 3: The Billion Dollar Problem